Rainbows by day, stars by night!

Hi Everybody,

Welcome to the first Rainhill Community Support Group blog. Our plan is to use the blog to share information, promote community spirit and offer advice and support during these uncertain times.

What we are experiencing is unprecedented. It is up to us to pull together and write the book on how to deal with the situation we find ourselves in.

I would like to thank all those who have stepped up to the plate so far, bringing together the community to act in haste. The wheels put in motion in such a short space of time have proved how decent human beings can be.

Let’s not be fooled – tough times are ahead, but we are in this together and by staying together we will come out stronger on the other side.

The support already shown to local businesses, including supporting pubs and restaurants offering new takeaway services, proves that we want everyone to survive the coming months.

I’ve just been talking to my husband, whom being ex-forces, was watching Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood the other night. In his best Clint Eastwood impression (he wishes he looked like Clint Eastwood), he quoted: “improvise, adapt & overcome”. In the situation we are in, I can see this happening already. Restaurants are offering takeaways; gyms are providing online or outdoor sessions; donations are being offered to help those who cannot leave their homes.

Everyone is thinking outside the box – anything to overcome the situation we are in.

So what else can we do to help?

We do need to try to protect our children, to reduce the impact of this in their little minds – they hear more than we think.

One new initiative to help occupy them is called The Rainbow Trail, and we have our own version Rainhill chasing Rainbows – please take a look. We are asking people to draw pictures of rainbows and put these in their windows. Parents can then take their children for a walk around Rainhill and see how many rainbows they can spot. Please join in to help to take their minds away and have a little fun. Parents can join in with the fun too!

A second initiative is “Stars by Night”. For this we are asking people to put fairy lights in their windows or garden to bring some light and show unity.

Good luck to the wonderful people of Rainhill, #StaySafe, take good care and remember #WeAreRainhill. We are an amazing community and we can get through this together.


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